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January 31st - February 13th 2025

Retreat into the source of the Yogic Tradition 
for an initiating journey to the realm of The Inner Mystic. 

Ritual puja, temple initiations, dynamic lectures,  asana training and practice,  this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in the largest spiritual gathering on earth, The Margh Kumbh Mela.

Closing the retreat at Kainchi Dham, the home of Sri Neem Karoli Baba, this Retreat is a chance to connect with  Ritual culture in  unprecedented intensity.


The Margh Kumbh Mela at Allahabad/Prayagraj

The Margh Kumbh Mela at Allahabad is the largest spiritual gathering on the planet, which only happens every 12 years. Mystics who have devoted their lives to spirituality emerge from isolation to bathe in the confluence of the holy rivers Ganga, Jamuna, and Saraswati at Allahabad during this holy month. Millions of spiritual seekers flock to the shores of the Sangham (meeting of rivers) to cleanse lifetimes of Karma, and initiate themselves into a new phase of life, or commit themselves to a spiritual path or lineage. Making a pilgrimage to Allahabad as a group we will be entering a realm of devoted practice to engage our own inner mystic who yearns for union, and bathe ourselves in the holy waters, solidifying our devotion on each of our unique spiritual life journey. . 


Varanasi and The 5 Koshas: 

Varanasi is the city said to provide a cleansing of the 5 Koshas to pilgrims who perform the ritual Panch Kroshi Yatra. We will activate and initiate within temples throughout the city symbolizing each of the 5 sheaths, accepting blessings and offering Svadhyaya, Sarada (devotion), and Seva. Daily meditation, asana, and lecture sessions will activate our journey through India’s holiest city. 


Rishikesh: Cultivating the Yogic Senses : 

Bathing in the blessings-Tender rebirth-daily Ganga baths. Daily morning sadhana along the river. Vasisthas cave and riverside prayers. Beatles Ashram celebratory practice, capturing each Yogi in the magic scenery. Hiking to the waterfalls, arati celebration at the Parmath Ashram, shopping, play and relaxing chai and smoothie drinking in local shops :)


Kainchi Dham: Journey into the Heart Cave:

Our group will stay in a Himalayan lodge with gardens close to the ashram for our daily visits. Morning Sadhana and Asana sessions in our lodge. Breakfast and then traveling the short distance to the Ashram each day to engage in the satsangs and arati in this holy place. Silence and meditation along the river. 


Retreat Cost:

Non Refundable Registration Fee: $1000 (goes towards your full amount)

Single Occupancy throughout the retreat: 


Double Share for Couple or Twin Room:


***Guests who book in 6 months prior the retreat domestic flights will be at an additional cost, but India hosts will help book your travel. 


-1 night in Delhi

-Flight to Varanasi

-4 nights in Varanasi

-drive to Allahabad/Devaprayag 

-Flight from Varanasi to Delhi

-Drive to Rishikesh

-drive to Vasisthas cave 

-5 nights in Rishikesh

-drive to Jainchi Dham

-3 nights in Kainchi

-drive to Delhi for your flight home 

-Meals and details in itinerary


Uschi Gibson

 Uschi is the creator and India hostess of The Yoginis Journey. As a lifelong student of spirituality and movement, Uschi took a deep dive into South Asian yogic traditions when she moved to Varanasi, India 15 years ago. Learning the language and customs of one of the holiest cities on the planet, Uschi's tender approach allowed her to connect into this ancient culture at heart level. Uschi hosts international yoga retreats, and teaches Yogini Movement classes and workshops online. Uschi is based in Varanasi, where she leads a women’s project, as well as volunteering in local development for women and children.  

Instagram: @luckyuschi       


Jaina Portwood

Jaina is the owner and creator of Beloved Retreats. She has been practicing yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2002. Above all else she holds an intention for spiritual, and physical expansion. Yoga is union. To be united to the Self, through the Self, into the Self…the heart….unconditional love. This is achieved through pranayama, asana, nutrition, intuition, and insight to take you beyond the seen world and into cosmic consciousness. Jaina believes a journey to the sacred land of India is a privilege and an honor. She helps to facilitate a group space of gratitude, growth, beauty, and selfless service/offering on this heart-expanding pilgrimage.

Instagram @BelovedRetreats                          Website


Justyn O'Neill

Justyn is the owner and creator of The Seeker Yoga School. She has been teaching since 2010. Her mission as a teacher is to create a pathway for students to broaden their perspective, to see their own worth, remember the truth of who they are, and love themselves in a bigger way. Her intention as a teacher is to offer the teachings of yoga in a sacred way, upholding the reverence to the roots of the tradition. Traveling to India has been an integral part of upholding this intention for her. Immersion in the magic of the culture, the connection to the source of this ancient wisdom and providing sincere seekers an opportunity to awaken a deeper connection to The Divine within themselves.

Instagram @theseekeryogaschool               Website

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