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Sacred Pilgrimages to India

Journey to India is a sacred spiritual pilgrimage to immerse yourself in the birth place of yoga and deepen your connection to your practice. These trips hold the intention to create healing between the west and the east in regards to yoga practice. Choosing to embark on this journey is a commitment to deepen your personal practice and immersing yourself in an experience that shifts yoga from something "you do" to something you are.


The journey to and through India is challenging and beautiful. You will experience sounds, smells and tastes that you wouldn’t come in contact with at home. All of this is part of the magic that will mirror the Divine back to you so that you may have endless reminders of who you really are. Please be advised: this is not a luxury or tourist trip. We will be immersing ourselves with culture and opening our hearts to an authentic experience. Jaina, Uschi and myself craft unique itineraries  every time that will you give you the richest and safest experience possible. It is helpful to prepare yourself mentally, that traveling and learning here will ask of you to relax some of your western comforts. This will provide you the truest and richest opening.

 Uschi and Rakesh will be our guides through the magic of India’s culture. With expert knowledge and loving care, they will spear-head our daily excursions. They will provide us along the way with rich cultural history, wisdom from the mystical side of India, information on customs and rituals of indian lifestyle, and brilliant translations of love everywhere we go.


Each trip is unique, exploring different cities and offering a different focus in yoga training on each excursion.

If you are registered or planning to register with The Seeker Yoga School or Beloved Yoga for your 300hr training, this trip counts as 100hrs towards those programs. The philosophy and self study is deep on these trips. We invite those that are hungry to immerse themselves in the heart of the practice to fill out an application to join us on a trip or reach out to schedule a phone call.

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