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The Yogic Magic of Desire & Surrender
at the Sacred White Buffalo Lodge
with Justyn O'Neill, Meredith Foss & Koreen Valdavinos
September 27th - 29th

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The path of yoga is so much deeper than asana, pranayama and meditation. Practicing the modalities gives us access to the subtle body of the living energy that is a spiritual practice. Leaning into that force makes Ishvarapranidhana (surrender to the Supreme) an organic act that happens by grace. Trusting your heart is yoga and listening to your intuition is yogic magic. It’s deeper than just doing “whatever you want” from an ego space. It’s intentionally taking the next steps from a place of fearless heart.

The Seeker School invites you to a weekend of self-exploration and inner magic activation. Join Justyn, Meredith and Koreen in a yoga immersion of movement, meditation, mantra and magic practices.


No transformation happens without first releasing something from your being. What we really desire can’t come in if we don’t make room for it. To call a prayer towards you is also to invoke an emptying. - are you comfortable being both full and empty?
Consider what you desire the most, what fears surround you actually stepping into that desire? What are you willing to let go of to make room for what you want?

*wherever you are gripping is the key that opens the gates to receiving.


Meals Friday Evening - Sunday Morning
Daily Yoga/Meditation

Earth Goddess Movement
Deep dive study on Yoga Philosophy
One on one personal guidance
Yogini Oracle Wisdom

Lodging Options:
Single Room - $900
Double Room - $800
Camping -$600


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