Seeker School Faculty



I have been practicing yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2002. As a youth, I accomplished incredible achievements as a competitive athlete. I consistently rose to the top, even as a young swimmer, breaking state records at the age of 7. This confidence and physical power has allowed me to see the world in a different paradigm, what some athletes call “the zone.” I was instantly attracted to yoga as a means to experience magical altered states of reality, manifestation, magic, and longevity.

I first studied yoga in college alongside calculus, physics, and cellular biology. After experimenting with a 100% raw foods diet for 8 years, I birthed 4 children naturally, and fell deep into health and healing modalities. Starting in 1999, I gained certifications in massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, thai massage, energy work, permaculture, herbalism, flower essences, and a range of other studies related to human anatomy an physiology, nutrition, and advanced esoteric yoga. I have a wealth of yoga experience through over a decade of svadhyaya (study of self), bhakti (devotion), and I have trained with yoga masters all over the country.

Above all else I hold an intention for spiritual, and physical expansion. Yoga is union. To be united to the Self, through the Self, into the Self…the heart….unconditional love. This is achieved through pranayama, asana, nutrition, intuition, and insight to take you beyond the seen world and into cosmic consciousness.


Betsy began practicing yoga regularly in 1991

and teaching in 2001. Her curiosity and search for wisdom lead her to many esteemed teachers who have informed her practice and her teaching. Betsy holds thousands of hours of yoga, meditation, Yoga Nidra and mindfulness training, education, and certification. She leads, facilitates, and mentors students in Yoga Teacher Trainings in Minneapolis, Baltimore, and Toronto, Canada. She was introduced to her teacher,

YogaRupa Rod Stryker, and ParaYoga, in 2005, is an initiate in the Sri

Vidya tradition and lineage, as well as a Level 2 Certified ParaYoga Teacher. She holds a certification as a Four Desires Trainer, the foundation of practices that guide practitioners to a life of purpose, meaning, freedom and joy.

These practices continue to inform her teaching and mentoring, as well as positively affecting and guiding her daily life. Betsy is a dedicated teacher and guide, and an eternal student. She approaches life as a seeker; with curiosity and a beginners mind. She is a certified Integrative Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as well as a Level 1 Thai Yoga Bodywork Practitioner.

Betsy founded Amrita: Nectar of Life in 2016 as the culmination of her years of study and practice. She utilizes her knowledge, respect for each individual’s Divine Soul, and a ready and willing sense of humor, to support and assist clients (and students) in tuning in to their inner wisdom and inherent light of being.