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“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” - Buddha 



Mentorship is a unique opportunity to deepen your personal practice, or refine your teaching skills. In session together, we use a unique blend of yoga philosophy, sacred medicine work and intuitive channeling to reconnect back to your truth. I am deeply devoted to working with those whose hearts are pulled to the tradition of yoga and who have a desire to awaken their inner sacredness. Through examining thoughts, emotions and individual lens of perspective, together we unwind the obstacle of limited thinking and align awareness to see right now clearly.

Single One hour Session- $80

3 pack- $210

5pack - $295

10pack- $550


To book your session now e-mail

"Justyn has helped me achieve new heights in my yoga practice and life. For a long time I had limited thinking or false "stories" about who I was, am, or could become. I am no longer limited. I am Free. Justyn has helped me hone engagement with my mind, body, and spirit. She supports me through verbal encouragement  wisdom, compassion and pure belief that I will and am continuously working towards my highest self. Wherever I go, I bring Justyn's teachings with me. I recommend Justyn to beginner to advanced yogis to deepen their practice." -Michael Rasley

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