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300 Hour Training

The Seeker Yoga School holds the intention to assist yoga teachers and dedicated yoga practitioners in moving deeper into the tradition and practices of Yoga. We are here as a doorway into the depth and magic that is a sincere practice of yoga. Far beyond the physical practice we are so accustomed to in the west, our courses are intended to guide you towards the more subtle and profound aspects of the practice. Rooted in the spirit of service to the divine in all things, we aim to help you cultivate a practice and teaching style that allow the practices of yoga to flow through you as an offering to everyone and everything. It is the truth of WHO YOU ARE that is the greatest gift.

During our training together we aspire to assist you in remembering the power that you are to be a force of love and service in the world.

Yoga is a sacred tradition that comes with a rich well of history and rituals. It is of highest priority that we maintain respect and honoring to the sacred history of where these practices come from, and in doing so we strengthen our integrity in participating in and teaching these practices forward. It is my deepest joy to be a vessel for this information and I am so honored to work with you. May we both grow in this study together.



The Seeker Yoga School 300hr training is designed in modules. You may take any module at any time during your study with us. The courses are offered on-going so if you miss a module you may take it again at any time.

To qualify for your certification you must already have your 200hr training certification from a Yoga Alliance approved school and complete 300hrs of course study + asana classes with Seeker Yoga School designated instructors or programs. Credits from other schools may apply towards your overall hours upon individual review. *This 300hr training provides you with a certificate of hours studied and does not certify you teach a particular format.

The Seeker Yoga School modules are open to the public. You do not have to be a teacher to attend a workshop. The only requirement for attendance is a sincere desire to study yoga.


It is highly recommended that you cultivate a consistent meditation practice and a regular home asana practice. We encourage all students to listen to their inner Guru when choosing when and how to execute their personal practices. Your body is a great teacher. Combine your ever evolving wisdom from study with the deep listening of your body's ancient intelligence. Sleep, hydration and vital nutrition are an important part of engaging in your study.

Remember, there is nothing outside of your being that you need to do this study. You are already the divine perfection that is awakened in this practice. Who you are inherently and what you are living right now, is the sacred scenery for you to embody your truth.

Topics of Study

  • Hatha Yoga

  • Yoga Sutras

  • Meditation/Mantra

  • Sanskrit

  • Pranayama/States of Consciousness

  • Chakras/Kundalini

  • Koshas

  • Bhagavad Gita Text Study

  • Gunas

  • Adjustments/Sequencing

  • Anatomy

  • Tantra/ Non-Dualism

  • Nutrition

  • Mythology

  • Awakening Shakti Text Study

  • History

  • Manas/Buddhi

  • Dharma/Karma

  • The Guru

  • Guiding and Ethics

  • Bandhas/Mudra

  • Kleshas

  • Goddess Study

  • Yogini/Shakti

  • Advanced Posture Clinic

  • Devi Mahatmyam Text Study

  • Practicum

Upcoming Training Modules....

April 6th - Kundalini & The Granthis

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