The seeker is one who is hungry for the truth, who desires liberation, who is fearless to see themselves. I offer this school of yoga as a loving container for the Sadhaka- the spiritual seeker who is on the path of remembering. This school is intended to be a sanctuary for those who's hearts are pulled by spirit, who desire a deep connection to the sacred and are hungry to learn authentic yoga practices.

May the unfolding of our paths and collective remembering contribute to the happiness and liberation of all beings. - Justyn Little Bird Morning Owl


Workshops and Events

Satsang - Non- Attachment

Aparigraha in the Yoga Sutras translates to non-attachement or non-grasping and invites us to observe where in our life we are bound tight? Tight in perspective? Tight in choices? Where are we bound in relationship to people or substances? Aparigraha asks us to observe where we are bound to the world? What feels difficult to let go of? - and why do we grip so hard? Whatever we are gripping to the most is what is standing in our way from being the fullest expression of our love.

During this Satsang we will discuss the practice of non-attachement and how we can use loving awareness to soften our grip on the material world.

When: Saturday December 3rd 1pm -3pm cst
Where: Seeker School or Zoom

Cost: Donation (suggested donation $20-$40)

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Meeting ID: 819 3987 4815
Passcode: 634472


In the Kundalini Yoga tradition, gongs are used in savasana to induce relaxation and healing. The gong is a powerful instrument that vibrates all of your energetic bodies. Blocks of energy can be released and divine messages may arise. In this 1 hour experience, you are gifted the space to allow mother earth to hold you and surrender to all that moves through.

When: Wednesday December 7th 6-7pm
Where: The Seeker School
Cost: $20
***Space is limited and pre-registration is required to reserve your spot***


Women In Yoga- A Herstory of Yoginis

The origins of the practice of yoga are centered around honoring the Divine Feminine. In early times of pracitce, Yoginis were revered for their magical powers and tremendous yogic accomplishments. They were seen and acknowledged as physical incarnations of The Goddes. When we look to the modern translations of the practice however; we find that it has been translated mostly by men for men, limiting our understanding and scope of how the practice can be embodied. In the timeline of how the practice has unfolded, the female Gurus, Rishikas and Tantrikas have been glossed over or omitted in much of the retelling. This study sessions aims to highlight many of the important female saints, mystics, poets and Yoginis that have carried this practice forward. 


***Recommended reading: "Daughters of the Goddess" - Linda Johnsen

When: Saturday December 17th 1-3pm

Where: The Seeker School

Cost: $40
Pre-registration is required


Satsang - The Bagavad Gita

During this Satsang, we will discuss the themes of the classic text The Bagavad Gita.

This important yoga text illuminates some of the major principles to yoga philosophy, and living yoga in the world. The concepts related to dharma, karma, self study and heart action are intricately tied to yogic lifestyle, so you do not have to have read the text to join the gathering but it is highly recommended!


**Suggested reading "The Bagavad Gita"****

When: Saturday January 7th 1-3pm cst

Where: Seeker School and Zoom

Cost: Donation (suggested offering $20-$40)

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Meeting ID: 814 9439 6292
Passcode: 913005

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Inversions/Handbalance Workshop

All parts of the yoga practice are medicinal. Postures that invert our perspective gift us the opportunity of expanding awareness, changing the flow of energy and creating intimacy with the body. Adding occasional arm balance or inverted postures to your asana practice offers the practitioner an opportunity to work through the energies of fear or resistance and challenge limiting beliefs.
Join me for an intimate breakdown of arm balances and inversions. We will go over how to prepare for and execute postures such as; side crow, headstand, handstand, hurdlers pose and more! 
We will move through postures and sequencing that help prepare the body for each posture, modifications and conditioning practices to assist you in growing practice on your own.
This workshop is for all levels and all bodies! If you struggle with the idea of hand balancing or you want to grow the foundation you have already built, this is a supportive asana exploration for you!

When: Saturday January 21st 1-3pm
Where: The Seeker School
Cost: $30
In person space is limited and pre-registration required!

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