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The seeker is one who is hungry for the truth, who desires liberation, who is fearless to see themselves. I offer this school of yoga as a loving container for the Sadhaka- the spiritual seeker who is on the path of remembering. This school is intended to be a sanctuary for those who's hearts are pulled by spirit, who desire a deep connection to the sacred and are hungry to learn authentic yoga practices.

May the unfolding of our paths and collective remembering contribute to the happiness and liberation of all beings. - Justyn Little Bird Morning Owl

Workshops and Events

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Sacred Sexuality Yogini's Workshop

Practices to connect to your inherent feminine power through sensuality, movement, breath work, and teachings of the Divine Feminie. 

Koreen and Justyn will guide you through a half day experience of movement, discussion and sensuality practices to awaken a deeper connection to your Sva Shakti (personal power)

This workshop will include:



-Anatomy Mapping

-Sensuality practices

-A super sexy lunch!

-Optional Yoni Egg Experience add on

-Discussion on sacred sexuality


Join us for a morning of self-discovery, experience sharing and expanded understanding 

When: Saturday April 27th

Where: The A-Mill Lofts
Cost: $81 

Early Bird Rate (Register before 4/1): $69

Bring a friend discount - $100 for 2 people

*Scholarships are available if needed - email to inquire


*Suggested Readings To Deepen Your Experience:

"Pussy, A Re-clamination"

"Yoni Shakti"

"The Anatomy of Arousal"



Bandhas are physical “locks” in the body that we utilize to manipulate energy upwards. During this course we will workshop the four main bandhas. Discuss their purposes, break down how to engage each individually and how to utilize them all together. We will also explore the science of Mudra.

Mudra is a more subtle form of directing energy. Holding the hands in a particular way creates and directs energy and awareness to flow in a specific fashion. Utilizing a Mudra can enhance your meditation or pranayama practice.
When: Saturday May 4th 1-3pmcst

Where: The Seeker School and Zoom

Cost: Donation (suggested offering $20-$40)



w/Meredith Foss

In the Kundalini Yoga tradition, gongs are used in savasana to induce relaxation and healing. It's a very powerful instrument that vibrates all of your energetic bodies. Blocks of energy will be released and divine messages will arise. In this 1 hour experience, you will allow mother earth to hold you and surrender to all that moves through.

When: Wednesday April 8th 6-7pm

Where: The Seeker School
Price: $20 person

The Ceremony of Four Seasons 
reclaiming our feminine rite of rebirth

with Sara Gensmar

Our bodies as women are oracularly designed to lead us through a shamanic rite of rebirth every month, inviting us to release and reweave our destiny from a place of deep vision and discernment.  Yet much of this wisdom has been lost, as our bleeds have largely been pathologized and framed as something to battle against, instead of working and weaving skillfully within.

This workshop is a deep dive into our cyclical physiology, how our hormone and neurotransmitter fluctuations orchestrate a personal ceremony of release and renewal every month.  We will explore ways to work skillfully with these energies, deepening our body literacy as women to support and harmonize with our physiology. We will discuss cycle syncing approaches with diet, supplements and lifestyle, common hormonal imbalances, the Inna myth and the wisdom and potency of the feminine descent cycle, the medicine of desire, and optimizing our creative, generative fertility as women by working within our divine design.
When: Thursday May 9th 6-8pm

Where: The Seeker School


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