The seeker is one who is hungry for the truth, who desires liberation, who is fearless to see themselves. I offer this school of yoga as a loving container for the Sadhaka- the spiritual seeker who is on the path of remembering. This school is intended to be a sanctuary for those who's hearts are pulled by spirit, who desire a deep connection to the sacred and are hungry to learn authentic yoga practices.

May the unfolding of our paths and collective remembering contribute to the happiness and liberation of all beings. - Justyn Little Bird Morning Owl


Workshops and Events

Satsang - The Kleshas

The Kleshas are the 5 obstacles of yoga presented in the yoga sutras. When we hear the word obstacle it can feel ominous, but really the Kleshas are a natural part of our human experience that we all play into throughout our life. All obstacles come from the mind, so our relationship to these aspects determines how we learn from them.

Pantajali expertly lays out these mind obstructions into 5 tangible categories.
Ignorance (Avdiya)
Egoism (Asmita)
Attachment (Ragas)
Aversion (Devesha)

Fear of Death (Ahbinevesha)

During this study session together we will explore how each of these obstacles play out in our life experience and how we utilize yoga practice to grow from them.

When: Saturday June 26th 1-3pm
Where: Limited in person seating is available! To save your seat in person please register -

Virtual option is available as well! See zoom link below!
Cost: Donation Venmo- @Theseekeryogaschool


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Satsang this month will launch our meditation immersion series. We will open to the basics of meditation practice, discuss different techniques and how to prepare for your sadhana. 

If you are just joing us for Satsang this event is held by donation. Venmo - Theseekeryogaschool

If you woud like to register for the entire series, please see details below. In person and zoom options are available. You must pre-register for in person seating & to attend the full series.




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When you are in a state of yoga, all misconceptions (vrittis) that can exist in the mutable aspect of human beings (chitta) disappear.

All practices in Yoga prepare us for meditation. The body opens to be able to sit comfortably for a long time. The pranic channels in the body clear so the breath can flow easily. The mind becomes focused so that we may find a one-pointedness when we sit. Pantajali describes Yoga as; the state that arises when the fluctuations of the mind cease. In this state we enter meditation. During this module, we will explore different types of meditation techniques, pranayama practices to prepare the mind and how to structure a consistent home practice.

In addition, we will discuss the science of mantra practice, explore chanting out loud together and review the important pronunciation of Sanskrit.  


I am also honored to have Jaina Portwood joining us to guest speak on meditation and pranayama during our second session together! You can read more about Jaina and check out her website below.


This meditation immersion will meet three Saturdays in a row.

Saturday July 10th (combined with JulySatsang) - Introduction to meditation and creating space for practice.

Saturday July 17th- Pranayama and practice: How breath impacts our state of mind (Guest Speaker - Jaina Portwood)

Saturday July 24th - Mantra and meditation: creating direction in your practice.


All classes will meet 1:30-3:30pm. CST

Class is offered with limited in person seating and via zoom.

Pre-registration is required

Register -

This course equals 6hours towards your 500hr certification or continuing ED. You do not have to be a teacher to attend!

Cost - $100

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Kava-Yoga Ceremony

I'm so excited to be collaborating with my friend Rachelle again to bring this community an integrated experience with Kava and Yoga. We will be hosting a ceremony live in person! If the weather is optimal we will be outside. Otherwise we will be in The Seeker Yoga Studio.

Our intention for this experience is to create a conscious connection to the center of your personal power. Yoga teaches us to source from within, that everything we need is already available in the sacred being that you are right now. Connected to this source, we gather confidence, self worth and intentions from the truth of our being.

During our time together Rachelle will open the wisdom of the Kava medicine and guide us through ritual intention setting to open the channels to the power that you are to be a force of authenticity in the world. Following that, we will amplify our intentions and explore deeper opening through a guided yoga practice. We will complete our experience together with wisdom sharing and questions!


When: Friday July 16th 5pm-7pm CST


(address and details will provided after you register)

Cost: $40

Spaces are limited and pre-registration is required!

To Register- e-mail Justyn@theseekeryogaschool


For more information on Rachelle and Ohana Kava, vist her website!