The seeker is one who is hungry for the truth, who desires liberation, who is fearless to see themselves. I offer this school of yoga as a loving container for the Sadhaka- the spiritual seeker who is on the path of remembering. This school is intended to be a sanctuary for those who's hearts are pulled by spirit, who desire a deep connection to the sacred and are hungry to learn authentic yoga practices.

May the unfolding of our paths and collective remembering contribute to the happiness and liberation of all beings. - Justyn Little Bird Morning Owl


Workshops and Events


Satsang: The Kleshas 


The Kleshas are the 5 obstacles of yoga presented in the yoga sutras. When we hear the word obstacle it can feel ominous, but really the Kleshas are a natural part of our human experience that we all play into throughout our life. All obstacles come from the mind, so our relationship to these aspects determines how we learn from them.

Pantajali expertly lays out these mind obstructions into 5 tangible categories.
Ignorance (Avdiya)
Egoism (Asmita)
Attachment (Ragas)
Aversion (Devesha)

Fear of Death (Ahbinevesha)

During this study session together we will explore how each of these obstacles play out in our life experience and how we utilize yoga practice to grow from them.

When: Saturday May 7th 1pm-3pmcst
Where: Limited in person seating is available! To save your seat in person please register -

Virtual option is available as well! See zoom link below!
Cost: Donation Venmo- @Theseekeryogaschool


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During this two day course we will explore the relationship between Dharma & Karma. We will discuss these concepts utilizing the wisdom of the Ramayana. The Ramayana is an Indian mythology tale that invites us into the world of Rama and Sita. Navigating their adventures and relationship to each other (as an expression of Shiva/Shakti) we will observe how Karma and Dharma dance with and influence one another.

When: May 14th & 15th 12pm-1:15 cst

Where: Seeker School & Zoom

Cost: $45


This course is offered by pre-registration only. Please indicate if you would like to reserve an in studio space or receive a zoom link.

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