The seeker is one who is hungry for the truth, who desires liberation, who is fearless to see themselves. I offer this school of yoga as a loving container for the Sadhaka- the spiritual seeker who is on the path of remembering. This school is intended to be a sanctuary for those who's hearts are pulled by spirit, who desire a deep connection to the sacred and are hungry to learn authentic yoga practices.

May the unfolding of our paths and collective remembering contribute to the happiness and liberation of all beings. - Justyn Little Bird Morning Owl

My mission as a teacher is to create a pathway for students to broaden their perspective, to see their own worth, remember the truth of who they are and love themselves in a bigger way. My intention as a teacher is to offer the teachings of yoga in a sacred way, upholding the reverence to the roots of the tradition.
I guide in a way that honors the feminie aspect of the practice. Weaving in wisdom from Shakti/Godess traditions gives the practioner an opportunity to connect their own inner power and inherent wisdom. 

I invite students to challenge their perspective through questions. Questions invoke us to go deeper and illuminate where we have limiting beliefs. We start by examining our relationship to the self first, then cultivating love for what you see. Then growing, nurturing, and watching the impact of that love deepen and impact the way we love all other beings.

Justyn O'Neill is a 500hr certified yoga instructor and educator. She received her yoga certification in 2010 at the Frog Lotus school of yoga in Koh Samui, Thailand and completed her 500hr studies in 2017 with Radiant Life Yoga. She continues her studies here in the cities and in India on-going.


The path of yoga and meditation were pivotal in her recovery from an eating disorder and severe ulcertive colitis. She now actively shares those trans-formative qualities of the practice with students every week. Her classes often focus on healing the relationship we have with body, moving beyond limited perspective and ultimately coming to a place of acceptance and deep love for what is.

It is her intention that students leave class feeling empowered and appreciative of their bodies. The flow in class is challenging and unique to assist students in discovering both their inner and outer strength. Her classes create a safe container to effectively incorporate meditation and self study, as tools to guide students to eventually come to a place where they can deeply love who they are.


Workshops and Events

Virtual Satsang - Kali & Unconditonal Love

This Satsang will deep dive into one the most ferocious expressions of the Divine - Kali MA. Kali, often misunderstood in her modern representations, holds the key to our liberation from attachments and the ego. Join us for a 2 hour discussion on Kali's symbolism, history, and practices to recognize this force of unconditional love everywhere.


When: April 17th 1:30pm-3:30pm

Where: Zoom (see link below)

Cost: Donation- Suggested Donation $20-$40

Venmo- @Theseekeryogaschool

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 857 8976 4859
Passcode: 792705


Nutrition is a vital part of your yoga practice. How you feed and care for your body directly affects the way prana moves through you. For this study, we consider nutrition to be your relationship to food, water and sleep. How you care for the vessel of your physical body from a holistic perspective enhances or detracts from your yoga practice. Yoga is a practice of unwinding patterned behaviors and freeing the self from limited thought patterns. In regard to nutrition, we will examine how our relationships, rituals, patterns and fears play out as support or hindrance to yoga.

When: April 24th 12-2pm

Where: Zoom (pre-registration required)

Cost: $40 Venmo- @Theseekeryogaschool

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