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A gathering of Divine Feminie wisdom


Each month we will explore topics in yoga as it relates to the female body, feminie history and Yogini magic. My prayer is that this circle becomes an on-going opportunity for female practitioners to be together, share wisdom, learn from each other and remember their inherent power through the practice. Divine Feminie wisdom flows through us all and I am excited to present guest Yogini lectures throughout this experience so that we may all learn from our many vessels! Do you feel inspired to present and lead a Yogini wisdom topic? Please reach out to me with your offerings. I would love to support you in sharing your wisdom with our community. 

Upcoming Circles...

Infusion Creations with B Apothecary Herbs

Join B Herbal Apothecary for a Midsommar Ritual by making flower crowns, and sipping on some tea and berries. We will talk about our goals for the summer and what self care rituals we want to put into place for the new year. We will talk about one we love to practice-- nourishing herbal infusions as well as sample some of the common ones (Red Raspberry Leaf, Red Clover, Nettles, and Oat Straw).

When: Wednesday June 21st 6-8pm

Where: The Seeker School

Cost: $40

Yoni Magic

with Justyn and Koreen

Join Justyn and Koreen for a special 2 1/2hr Yogini Circle on the magic of the Divine Feminie. We will gather in sacred circle as loving mirrors and reminders of the power and magic that it is to be female. Throughout all of history society has either fallen in love with The Goddess or tried to possess/control her. The nature of the Goddess is freedom, is flow. There is nothing that is not her and so she cannot be contained. She cannot be labeled, boxed or controlled. She cannot be tamed or silenced. You cannot take from her because she is eternally giving. You cannot influence her because she knows who she is.
Do you remember who you are???
This workshop is intended to reconnect you to the Goddess energy that flows with in, to worship and adorn her and re-empower you to take action in your life that is unrestricted.

You will experience....
- pranayama and meditation to active the inherent feminie power within that is not influenced by external circumstance.
-lecture/discussion with Justyn on the energy of the Divine Feminie and your inherent power in being female.
-Yogini Oracle Card Reading
-Yoni Egg Ceremony with Koreen

If the current state of the world is upsetting to you as woman, if you have ever felt disempowered because of your gender, if you seek to reclaim and remember your inner magic, this workshop is for you.

When: Wednesday July 26th 6-8:30pm

Where: The Seeker School 

Cost: $45

Pre-registration is required!

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