A gathering of Divine Feminie wisdom


Each month we will explore topics in yoga as it relates to the female body, feminie history and Yogini magic. My prayer is that this circle becomes an on-going opportunity for female practitioners to be together, share wisdom, learn from each other and remember their inherent power through the practice. Divine Feminie wisdom flows through us all and I am excited to present guest Yogini lectures throughout this experience so that we may all learn from our many vessels! Do you feel inspired to present and lead a Yogini wisdom topic? Please reach out to me with your offerings. I would love to support you in sharing your wisdom with our community. 

Upcoming Circles...

November 30th 6-8pm cst - Sva Shakti - Accessing Your Inner Power

In this gathering of remembering ancient wisdom, we open to the power of who we are (Sva Shakti) as the highest expression of self. Often times as women when we hear the phrase "highest expression of self" we are programmed to think "best version of my self". Your "best self" is subjective and rooted in the narrative that women should behave a certain way. Lifetimes of conditioning females to be quieter, smaller, fit a certain beauty standard and be less disruptive have resulted in a default mode of us editing our truth so as not to be "too much" or mis-understood. For this Yogini's gathering will experience meditation, mudra, mantra, ritual and discussion on accessing the power of who you are and unraveling the conditioning of learned behavior. 

Cost for this session is $30 Pre-registration is required.

December 14th 6-8pmcst -Healing The Sister Wound/Clothing Swap

This month our discussion will be held around the "sister wound" and ways we actively work to create healing the bond between women. The sister wound is the energy that has caused mis-trust between women. Many contributing factors in our society work to pit women against eachother in jealously and competition. This creates a divide of connection and a damping of our power as a collective. The wisdom of the Yoginis remind us that our powers are stronger as a collective. Healing the sister wound and creating strong bonds with other women reclaims our power as a circle and dismantles the control of the patriarchy.

During out time together, we will spend the first hour in discussion and the second half in the joy of a clothing swap! Gifting and receiving items of love to one another is an active exercise in up lifting eachother and expanding the flow of love between sisters.


When:December 14th 6-8pm

Where: Seeker School

Cost: One bag of clothing/shoes/accessories to donate to the swap.

all items not swapped will be donated to Arc Value Village afterwards

Pre-registration is required.

January 25th 6-8pm cst - Women and The Throat Chakra- Claiming Your Desire

Throughout history, women have been conditioned to temper their language, tone, word choice and desire to be more appeasing to society. As women, we have been taught; to keep our voices down, speak kindly and ignore our inner most desires. This months wisdom circle we will open to the magic of the throat chakra as it relates to embodying fearless self expression and radical truth. Our discussion and rituals will center around speaking our personal desires, calling out barriers we have to saying what we want, being fearless to call forward our deepest desires and remembering the power of our voices.

Where: Seeker School or Zoom

Cost: $30

Pre-registration is required