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A gathering of Divine Feminie wisdom


Each month we will explore topics in yoga as it relates to the female body, feminie history and Yogini magic. My prayer is that this circle becomes an on-going opportunity for female practitioners to be together, share wisdom, learn from each other and remember their inherent power through the practice. Divine Feminie wisdom flows through us all and I am excited to present guest Yogini lectures throughout this experience so that we may all learn from our many vessels! Do you feel inspired to present and lead a Yogini wisdom topic? Please reach out to me with your offerings. I would love to support you in sharing your wisdom with our community. 

Upcoming Circles...


Clearing The Cult: Recognizing Spiritual Abuse

In all yoga lineages and traditions women have experienced physical, sexual and energetic abuse. Often this energy gets excused because of obedience to a Guru. Our intention during this gathering is to bring illumination to this and empower each other to be able to call out this behavior.

This Yogini Wisdom Circle will be co-facilitated by Justyn and Koreen. We will discuss how to recognize abuse in spiritual circles, how cult energy influences our daily lives and how we can actively work to dismantle this energy 

When: Wednesday March 29th 6-8pm

Where: The Seeker School and Zoom

Cost: $30

Pre-registration is required!

Feeding the Goddess/Nourishing Your Soul

with Betsy Wiener
How do we feed ourselves as yoginis? What did the ancient yogis tell us about eating and food? We are often told that we must eat a certain way in order to attain a certain state of enlightenment (or even awareness). Subscribing to a certain way of eating doesn’t necessarily lead to a specific way of being. This will be a deep dive discussion into a yogic approach to food, the idea of having an appetite as women, our relationship to our bodies as it relates to eating, and how the goddess within can be nourished.

When: Wednesday April 26th 6-8pm

Where: The Seeker School

Cost: $30

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