Seeker School Fall Retreat: The Center Of Harmony

at The Sacred White Buffalo Lodge

Minoqua, WI September 30th - October 2nd 2022

With guest Yoginis: Meredith Foss & Koreen Valdovinos


I invite you to a weekend immersion with spirit, yoga and your deepest heart knowing. Retreat into nature with an intimate group of mindful yogis, unplug from the material world and let yourself dive deep into your practice. The focus of this weekend is to amplify our power to create harmony within ourselves and our relationships.

Our training focus will be on the magic of Shiva/Shakti, the practice of loving awareness and the cultivation of harmony with all of life. In the investigation of this we will ask heart questions: Where do I struggle to be at peace in my life? What do I struggle to be at peace with within in my self? Where in my life am I the most heart open? Which relationships do I struggle to be fully heart open with? 

Through the practice of loving awareness; we will examine how we can set healthy boundaries, open our hearts to a deeper flow of intimacy (with ourselves and others!) and awaken the ability to see everyone as the Divine.

During this weekend immersion you will learn from the wells of wisdom that flow through yourself and some incredible guides. The Seeker School welcomes faculty members Meredith Foss and Koreen Valdovinos, who will be sharing their unique medicine and practices of harmonious being.

There will be daily meditation, yoga, philosophy discussion, and relaxation practices offered. As well as free time to hike, explore the land, have one on one sessions with me, body work with Sara Johnson and Reiki healing sessions with our incredible Kundalini guide Meredith Foss.


We will be gathering on sacred land: White Buffalo Lodge in Minocqua Wisconsin. White Buffalo Lodge is 40acres of private land with hiking trails, private lake and hot tub. We have lodging  options for single room, double room, shared space & camping.

Retreat registration fees vary depending on your preferred lodging.

There are just a few single and double occupancy rooms in the lodge and plenty of available camping space.

Camping - $500

Double occupancy room- $650

Single room- $800

What is included in the experience:

-Daily mediation

-Daily yoga

-Earth Goddess Offerings w/Koreen

-Kundalini Chanting and Gong bath w/Meredith Foss

-Yoga philosophy lecture

-One on one coaching

-Nature walks and outdoor leisure time

- Dinner Friday, Breakfast, lunch & Dinner Saturday, Brunch Sunday

(All meals offered are vegan)

*Option to book Reiki channeling sessions for an additional fee with

Meredith Foss.

*Option to book massage sessions for an additional fee with Sara Johnson

*Option to book Thai Massage Body Work with Koreen or Jocelyn 

*Option to book a Tarot reading session with Scarlett Gomez

There are limited spaces available and registration is open now!
Pre-register to save your spot.
To register e-mail-

*This is a consciousness elevating experience. To keep our minds and hearts clear and receptive, please do not bring alcohol on to the land.

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Meredith Foss

I see you. I hear you. I love you. We will see you. We will listen to you. You will love you. I guide, channel, teach based on my current and past life experiences. In this lifetime, I've experienced homelessness, alcoholism, a bipolar father, abuse, and more painful lessons early in life. I've experienced an immense amount of love, community, creation, motherhood, deep friendships. One experience isn't better than the other and one emotion isn't better than the other. All are beautiful love messages sent for us to listen deeply. As both human and spirit - we feel, breathe, pray and stand with feet rooted, crown lifted, and live our blissful truth again and again…to understand the power & resiliency of the human spirit. We are here to remember who we are. We are incredible unique beings that are cut from the same cloth of light and love. I’m here to assist you as you remember who you are infinitely and who you can become in this lifetime. I will guide you in opening to life’s challenges and life’s divinity – and see that all is one.  When we meet, we will tap into ways to see and feel into your spiritual bodies. Together, we can discuss, discover and explore the Akashic records, archangels, spirit guides, spirit animals, drumming, elementals, yoga, meditation, mantra.

Koreen Valdovinos

Koreen is owner of Open Minds Fusion Studio and founder of Earth Goddess Yoga, a moving meditation practice that incorporates traditional asana with dance, breath & rhythmic beats.  In addition to over 15 years of yoga teaching experience, Koreen is also a Thai Yoga Bodywork practitioner, a Reiki healer, Contributor to MN Yoga +Life Magazine, and a breathwork guide. She developed her teachings of pranayama & yoga with traditional teachers but also by way of experiential daily practice with her community. 


Koreen Valdovinos is a practitioner of many kinds of physical yoga practices, from vinyasa to Kundalini Yoga & beyond. As a teacher, she is is a master of sequencing that emphasizes the rhythmic journey, or 'flow' of the practice to parallel the spiritual challenges of real life.  As a conscious dance guide, she fuses elements of Dance Therapeutics and ecstatic dance into her yoga classes. 


Sara Johnson

Sara has been passionate about helping people heal with massage therapy since 2008 following graduation from Centerpoint Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School. She strives to bring balance to her clients and educate them about their own bodies, bringing them back to the wellbeing their body is intended to feel. With a strong background of working in medical settings, Sara’s style leans towards a therapeutic deep tissue massage. Her experience from working on thousands of bodies has helped Sara gain the intuitive confidence to know what pressure and techniques on any given area of the body will respond best. This is a team effort and close communication with her clients during the session lets the client know their input is necessary in giving the body space to let go and heal.

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Scarlett Gomez

Scarlett is a yoga instructor and professional (passionate) tarot reader. She currently does readings at Healing Elements and We The Starbone. She also hosts special tarot workshops with a variety of different stores and yoga studios.She feels passionate about the magic of tarot and is a collector of many decks. Her intention during a session is to connect intimately with the spirit and energy of each reading and to assist in guiding the seeker into a place of self love.