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Seeker School Fall Retreat :
Dharma and Karma

at The Sacred White Buffalo Lodge

with Meredith Foss

September 29th - Octber 1st

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The Seeker Yoga School and Meredith Foss invite you to a weekend retreat to explore the intertwining of purpose (dharma) and lessons of your life (karma). Dharma and Karma create a beautiful dance where the teachings from your life experiences unfold to help guide you into purpose (Your Dharma!) Unlike a role you need to claim and fit yourself into, Dharma is an authentic expression that is reflective of your deepest heart desires. It is what and who you have come to be and embody!

Dharma is directly connected to what you love the most. That love creates a pathway to action, so that all that we choose to do in life is an act of service to that deepest love. Living in a state of service to your deepest love unfolds the remembering of truth in the practice. Neem Karoli Baba says - "There are 3 aspects to spirituality - love, serve and remember"

During our weekend together, we will discuss Karama, Dharma and Selfless Service. We will explore practices to help you listen to you heart, extract wisdom from your life experiences and create honoring around all the components of who you are.

**Recommended Reading: "Polishing The Mirror"

- Ram Das

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We will be gathering on sacred land: White Buffalo Lodge in Minocqua Wisconsin. White Buffalo Lodge is 40acres of private land with hiking trails, private lake and hot tub. We have lodging  options for single room, double room, shared space & camping.
Retreat registration fees vary depending on your preferred lodging.
There are just a few single and double occupancy rooms in the lodge and plenty of available camping space.​

 The Seeker School is holding space for a scholarship fund for the next 3 retreats. These funds will allow the gifting of a partial or full scholarship spot to anyone in community that needs financial assistance to attend. It is our mission that the practice is accessible to EVERYONE and we get to create this type of environment together as a community. 

There are 2 ways to contribute to the fund:

1) A lump sum donation of your choosing

2) Registering for a retreat at the sustaining price. When you sign up for a retreat you have the option to pay a little extra, 100% of that 'extra' will go towards the scholarship fund. Sustaining prices for the Spring retreat are listed below.

Single Room - $800/ Sustaining price - $1000

Double Room - $800 / Sustaining price - $900

Master Suite (sleeps 4) - $750 per person / Sustaing price - $850

Pullout or Floorbed (shared space) - $600/ Sustaining price - $700

Camping - $500/ Sustaining price - $600


*If you are someone who would like to receive a scholarship spot on retreat, please message me directly.

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