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Yogini's Journey March 2023

A pilgrimage to the source of the Shakti Lineage

Come gather at the banks of the holy river Ganga to purify and anoint yourself 

in the blessings of the Goddess. 

This is a sacred invitation to initiate ourselves 

with a pilgrimage to the source of the Tantric tradition. 

Connect with fellow yoginis and refresh how you participate and share your experience 

as a female yoga practitioner.

 Traditionally dressed Indian woman pray in to the river on Chhath Puja Festival.


Uschi, Jaina, and Justyn will be holding space throughout the The Yoginis Journey. Practices we will share include; Tantric Yoga Asana, Non-Linear Movement (inspired by Classical Indian Dance), Mantra, Pranayama, Meditation, Nidra, Council, and Ritual. We are honored to gather a diverse group of women from all over the world to practice, witness each other, and support this transformational journey.

This is an advanced journey and a strong heart pull to immerse yourself in the Goddess will be necessary. To recieve all of the details inculding itinerary, dates, cost and application process please e-mail your request to

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